Cyclone Dust Collectors

Often located downstream of a drying process, cyclone dust collectors separate heavier particulates out of the industrial process airstream and into the next step. which is often a dust collection system like a cartridge or baghouse. They are an excellent option for removing larger, chunky, or fluffy material from the process airstream and can also be effective as a spark drop-out mechanism.

Cyclone dust collectors are used for many industrial dust collection applications, such as woodworking, food processing/baking, metalworking, and shot-blasting. Our systems will also work well in applications dealing with:

  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Plastics
  • Cement/Stone
  • Machining
  • Rubber
  • Bulk/Powders
  • Agriculture
  • Other Applications

How We Help with Cyclones

3B Air Systems is the one-stop-shop for all dust collection systems, including cyclone dust collectors. Our experts can assess your space before designing, supplying, and installing a dust collection system that meets your needs. We work with only trusted vendors and uphold safety standards to bring our customers the highest quality solutions. No matter the demand, you can rest assured our team will provide you with the perfect solution!