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Ventilation & Filtration System Installation

Turn-key and retrofit installation services for ventilation, air filtration, and process air equipment.

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Our application engineers collaborate with you to provide expert turn-key and retrofit installation services for industrial ventilation, filtration, and vacuum systems.

    Industrial ventilation & filtration systems maintain a safe and comfortable environment for workers in factories, warehouses, and other industrial settings. These systems remove contaminants, pollutants, and excess heat or moisture from the work area and circulate fresh air into the space. Installing them properly is mission critical to avoid downtime, hazards, and injury.




Industrial ventilation & filtration systems require specialized installation to ensure design protocols are followed and the equipment operates properly and safely. Our team of qualified professionals has 25+ years of experience in designing and installing industrial ventilation and filtration systems, and we are committed to providing systems that keep the air clean and workers safe in every setting. To do this, we take each step of the process seriously, starting with assessment and design and continuing through installation and testing.

  • Assessing the Work Area: We conduct a thorough assessment of the work area to determine the type and size of the ventilation & filtration systems required. The assessment should consider factors such as the type of pollutants or contaminants present, the size of the space, the number of workers, and the temperature and humidity levels. This step is equally important whether the system is new or retrofit.
  • Designing the System: Once the assessment is complete, we work with you to calculation static pressure requirements, design the system, and outline specifications. The design will specify the type of ventilation system required, the size, layout, and capacity of the system, and the location of air intakes and exhausts.
  • Selecting and Acquiring Necessary Equipment: Buying and installing high quality and reliable equipment is critical to making your system work properly and last a long time. We work with our network of trusted suppliers to select the best equipment providing the most value for your application.
  • System Installation: The next step involves bringing everything together and installing the system with all equipment and supporting components. This may include retrofit of existing equipment, new equipment installation and connecting all ductwork, electrical wiring, and system controls
  • Commissioning and Testing: Finally, we commission and test the system to ensure everything functions properly and satisfies the required standards for air quality and safety, including NFPA upgrades and modifications.
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