Plant Ventilation

Industrial ventilation is the removal of heat, stale air, etc. from a plant environment or isolated space and replacing it with clean, fresh air. Having proper ventilation is crucial to provide a safe and healthy work place for your employees.

Ventilation seems to be fairly simple – just install a fan! – but there are some basic guidelines to follow in regards to ventilating your facility that will ensure positive results:

  1. If you take air out of the building, you need to replace it, either with a forced air system (i.e. make-up air unit) or using intake louvers.
  2. Air will take the path of least resistance, so if you install exhaust equipment you need to position the supply system (i.e. make-up air or louvers) so that the air coming in the building will follow a path to the exhaust system that is logical and beneficial. For example – if you install a wall fan and then install an intake louver right next to it, the fan will simply pull air from the louver and the rest of the facility will receive no benefit. You would want to install the make-up air unit/louver opposite the fan so that you sweep the incoming air across the affected area.
  3. Roof fans are more effective at removing heat from a facility/space then wall fans because you are taking advantage of natural convection.
  4. Powered wall supply fans are significantly more effective at providing fresh air relief to employees then wall louvers and allows you to direct air to the affected areas.

3B Air Systems can design and install plant wide ventilation solutions that will improve your plant environment and allow your employees to be more productive.

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