From metal to wood or paper, some applications produce an excessive amount of dust and particles that can prohibit optimal performance if not contained or controlled. Textiles, plastics, foods, and leather are some other examples, but nearly every type of industrial producer will require dust control or manufacturing filtration solutions for the workplace safety and comfort.

Air Filtration Considerations in the Manufacturing Environment

Manufacturing filtration solutions like dust control are important for meeting regulatory requirements, protecting worker health, maintaining equipment performance, and even improving product quality.

Our filtration solutions can help manufacturing facilities maintain a clean and controlled production environment to avoid accumulation of particulate matter, mitigate contaminants that can compromise the quality of the products, and ensure that operations run efficiently.

Many industries are subject to regulations regarding the emission of dust and other pollutants into the environment. Filtration solutions help to ensure that manufacturers are meeting these regulations and avoiding fines or other penalties.

How We Help

Whatever the application, factors such as the size, shape, and consistency of the particulates in the air are important in deciding on a dust collector, mist collector, or other manufacturing filtration solutions. The types of dust collectors we can provide include baghouse collector systems from AGET, cartridge dust collectors, cyclones, and others designed for either combustible or wet dust.