Mist collection solutions filter mist and smoke generated by coolants and oils used during wet machining and metalworking processes. Uncollected coolant and machining oil mist and smoke create an uncomfortable –and in some cases dangerous– environment for employees.

Wet Machining and Metalworking Applications

    Wet machining and metalworking processes often use coolants and oils to lubricate and cool the tools and workpieces. These substances can generate mist and smoke that is harmful to workers and damaging to equipment if not properly controlled using industrial mist collection solutions.

There are various types of mist collection systems available, but most work by drawing the mist-laden air into a filter that captures and separates mist droplets from the air stream. It's important to choose a system that is properly sized and configured for your specific application and the type of coolant or oil you’re using to ensure effective mist and smoke control.

How We Help

We provide safe, effective industrial mist collection solutions, including portable mist collectors, ASHRAE machining mist solutions, and much more. Leave it up to our team to design, supply, and install the perfect long-life mist collectors that meet individual application needs.

    There are several technologies available to capture and filter the mist and smoke generated by machining and metalworking operations:

  • Basic media collectors – simple envelope type bag filters (95% at 1 micron) preceded by a washable mesh filter and available with optional high efficiency post filters (HEPA, DOP, etc.) for any sub-micron particulate present in the airstream (ex. smoke). Filters will typically last weeks to several months.
  • Coalescing media collectors – highly efficient systems that utilize proprietary filter designs that provide excellent efficiency and very long filter life. In most cases significantly higher in price then a basic media collector but very little maintenance required as the filters are expected to last a year plus.
  • Centrifugal mist collectors – use centrifugal force to “spin” mist out in order to separate out of the airstream. By itself a centrifugal unit will not remove sub-micron size particulate from an airstream but the units can be equipped with a high efficiency post filter (HEPA). These units are fairly economical and work well on applications with clean, heavier mist particles. They can struggle with atomized mist and/or smoke, and the post filters can plug fairly quickly as they are generally not very large.
  • Electrostatic Precipitator (ESP) mist collectors – use high voltage to charge incoming particulate and collect it on grounded cells. Systems can be designed with redundant “passes” of components to increase efficiency. Components are washable, there are no disposable filters to deal with. ESP work well on operations with clean oil or mist, but can struggle with high water content coolants and airstreams with a high volume of dry particulate mixed with the mist/smoke.

3B Air Systems can be your one-stop shop for all the industrial mist collection solutions, including system design, supply, installation, preventative maintenance and filter change service. We are professionals who view customer safety and satisfaction as a top priority. Our expertise paired with our trusted vendors allows us to provide only the best quality products and systems.