We design, specify, supply, and install custom industrial ductwork systems, which are critical components of any industrial filtration, ventilation, or process system.

Our experts design and install ductwork for the comfort of your space, safety from contaminants, and a healthy, productive atmosphere. From duct sizing and shape to insulation and materials, we deliver proper and optimal custom industrial ductwork for your particular applications and facility.

Custom Components Include

  • Clamp-together duct
  • Welded and flanged duct
  • Spiral & rectangular duct
  • Custom source capture hoods
  • Custom plenums and fittings
  • Clamp-together vacuum tubing
  • Flexible hose
  • Vacuum hose

Ways to Customize Ductwork Systems

    There are many ways we can customize industrial ductwork components and systems, for example:

  • Materials of Construction: Duct, hoods and custom fabrications are available in various materials of construction, including galvanized, stainless steel, and others depending on the application.
  • Safety Considerations: Applications that convey and collect abrasive material, as well as combustible dust applications where static dissipative properties and/or ground wires are needed, may require flexible hose and vacuum hose.
  • Space Constraints: Every facility and application has its own space constraints requiring customized industrial ductwork to allow for optimal efficiency, safety, and comfort. We account for all of the necessary twists and turns in your system.

Customers count on 3B Air Systems because we provide more than air and ventilation solutions. We offer custom designs, excellent service, inspections, and a range of services. We care about the safety and quality of your building or facility, which is why we are a one-stop shop for all your quality air solutions and custom industrial ductwork systems.