We provide custom control solutions for process air, air filtration, dust collection, mist collection, and general ventilation equipment. These control panels are critical to maintaining system performance, regulatory compliance, and safe operating procedures.

Solutions Available for Air System Controls

After 25+ years of helping manufacturers, we know that your big equipment systems and manufacturing investments depend on good system controls to operate effectively, reliably, and safely. Our team of experts are happy to work with you and provide the following solutions:

  • Standard control panels and variable frequency drives (VFD) for dust collectors, mist collectors, process fans, and plant ventilation equipment.
  • Dust collector and mist collector control panels with integrated VFD and system pressure controls that along with cleaning system controls can modulate system performance (CFM) based on system static pressure. Includes both new complete panels and augmenting existing control panels.
  • Integration of process/application requirements including automated duct damper operation, modulation of system fan based upon process changes, etc.

3B Air Systems has the proven expertise required to design, supply, and install the right system controls for your equipment. We will work with you to optimize your operations and maximize equipment ROI.