Wet dust collectors are typically used for applications where NFPA standards don’t allow for dry-type collection due to the danger and volatility of materials. That includes many food processing applications along with processes that involve metal grinding, sanding, buffing, polishing, grinding, sanding, deburring, abrasive blasting, and many more.

How Wet Dust Collectors Work

There are several steps involved in the wet dust collection process:

  • Wet dust collectors draw the contaminant-laden airstream into the unit, where typically the first stage of filtration is impact into the tank of water at the base of the system. This causes any larger particulate to leave the airstream and sink to the bottom of the tank.
  • Next, a scrub section uses a system fan to pull water from the tank up through a baffle system resulting in a turbulent, water-laden environment where the water removes the fine dust from the airstream. The dust comes to rest in the tank of water at the base of the unit, rendering it inert.
  • Mist impingers/eliminators are typically in place after the scrub to remove mist and water droplets. The air then discharges through the fan and in some cases into a media after filter housing.

In some cases certain dusts are not “wettable” and may not sink if introduced into water, resulting in the dust being re-entrained into the airstream and discharging through the collector. Before purchasing a wet dust collector, customers should send samples of their material to be tested for combustibility, properties, and characteristics.

The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) code 484 addresses wet dust collection, with specific requirements for minimum design features like where to situate the industrial blower, proper venting, proximity to dust generation, and more.

How We Help with Wet Dust Scrubbing and Collection

3B Air Systems can provide full turnkey solutions that meet your specific application needs, including custom builds. Our long-lasting products and systems will provide years of reliability and high performance. We offer inspections and various other services to ensure the satisfaction of each customer.