Our experts here at 3B Air Systems know the dos and don’ts of collecting and handling combustible dust. We offer combustible dust collector and vacuum systems that comply with NFPA standards and meet OSHA safety requirements.

Combustible Dust Challenges

Many manufacturing operations process combustible raw materials like agricultural products, chemicals, light metals, and wood. Processing materials in those categories, from grains, sugar, and spices, to paper, charcoal or cotton, will generate combustible dust as a byproduct.

Combustible dust, or explosive dust, is defined by Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) as “a solid material, composed of distinct particles or pieces, regardless of size, shape, or chemical composition, which presents a fire or deflagration hazard when. suspended in air or some other oxidizing medium.” Virtually any material can be combustible dust if it contains a sufficient concentration of small enough particles (under 500 microns) suspended in the air or dispersed in a dust cloud that can burn rapidly, causing an explosion or flash fire.

If you think you may have combustible dust, it’s critical that you consult with a third-party agency to test the dust and determine its combustible classification. If it proves to be combustible, then we will provide you with the best filtration system to protect you from explosion and keep your workplace safe.

Combustible Dust Solutions

There are several options available to safely collect and handle combustible dust. Baghouse and cartridge dust collectors are common solutions. However, when source capture of combustible dust from a manufacturing process is not possible or effective, an industrial vacuum system may be your best option for general housekeeping within the affected area.

All of these systems have a range of design options from the collection method, portability, and specific safety components as proscribed by NFPA standards. Common protective components include:

  • Flameless venting
  • Explosion vents
  • Chemical & fire suppression systems
  • Backblast valves
  • Fast-acting abort gates
  • Integrated dust collection controls
  • Grounded tubing systems
  • Grounded flexible hose and tools
  • Combustible dust is tricky and the stakes are high, but no need to worry. We have decades of experience with helping manufacturers safely mitigate these hazards. 3B Air Systems will make sure you have the turn-key solution that makes sense for you. That includes not only the dust collection system itself, but also the right tubing and fittings, system separators, safety components and every part in between.