In 2017 3B Air Systems supplied and installed this American Vacuum Company central vacuum system for a bulk food manufacturer in order to clean up their facility and comply with NFPA combustible dust standards.  The system is equipped with a reverse-pulse bag filter receiver, NFPA compliant rotary airlock, service platform, 15hp positive displacement (PD) pump, HAF Equipment bulk bag filler assembly, explosion vent and full control panel which included provisions to shut the system down in the event of an explosion in the receiver.  The tubing system supplied was fully grounded and equipped with food-grade flexible hose with ground wire. 3B Air Systems is proud to partner with the American Vacuum Company on industrial central vacuum systems and industrial portable vacuum systems for applications such as food, metalworking, plastics, resins, fiberglass and many more. Please contact 3B Air Systems today at (440)610-9993 or email at [email protected] to see if we can help with your industrial air filtration, dust collection, process air or ventilation needs.

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