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To celebrate its 5th year in business 3B Air Systems (aka 3B Group LLC) is proud to launch its new website www.3bairsystems.com! 3B Air Systems specializes in the design, supply, installation, and servicing of industrial air filtration, dust collection, plant ventilation, and process air solutions to industrial customers located throughout North America.

Dust Collectors & Mist Collectors

3B Air Systems is proud to partner with Camfil APC, Aget, and many top manufacturers of dust and mist collection equipment, including cartridge collectors, pulse jet baghouses, wet dust collectors, downdraft tables, portable fume collectors, media mist collectors and dust collectors for combustible dust applications.

Explosion Protection & Pressure Relief

3B Air Systems is proud to partner with Rembe, Inc. (www.rembe.us), a leading manufacturer of explosion protection and pressure relief components, including explosion vents, rupture discs, flameless vents, explosion isolation, backblast valves and more.

Industrial Vacuum Systems

3B Air Systems (aka 3B Group LLC) is proud to partner with American Vacuum Company (www.americanvacuum.com), a leading manufacturer of central vacuum systems, portable vacuum systems, and vacuum systems designed for combustible dust applications.

Plant Ventilation Systems

3B Air Systems can design and install plant ventilation systems that can help customers with issues related to plant negative pressure, heat removal, smoke removal, fume removal, and employee comfort.

Process Air

3B Air Systems is proud to partner with AirPro Fan & Blower (www.airprofan.com) in the design and supply of custom-built centrifugal fans and blowers for dust collection, high temp, corrosive, material handling and more.  3B can also provide axial fans and stationary and portable cooling fans upon request.

Service & Installation

3B Air Systems can provide dust and mist collector inspection services, filter change-outs, NFPA inspections for combustible dust applications, airflow testing, and system installation services, including ductwork and special fabrications.

Please contact us at (440) 610-9993 or [email protected] to learn how we can help you!

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